Hitri Batch Control Water Meter

Install: Horizontal
Medium Temperature: Hot Water
Level Measurement: B
Counter Instructions: Analogue
Nominal Diameter: 15-50mm
Application: Industrial, Water Metering

HITRI Batch Control Water Meter is commonly used in the textile, tanning, paper, potting and chemical industries, also used for mixer truck, for controlling batched volume of the water passing through the pipe accurately, has the sizes from Dn25 to Dn50 designed by NWM.

FEATURES1. Up To 90ºC Can be used safely in water temperature up to 90ºC;
2. Dial Plate Large dial plate for easy reading;
3. Wiper Glass wiper for cleaning;
4. Installation Horizontal or Vertical installation

Main Technical Data:

DN mm 25 32 40 50
Qmax m³/h 7 12 20 30
Qn m³/h 3.5 6 10 15
Qt l/h 280 480 800 1200
Daily Delivery 35 60 200 300
Dial Reading Liters 100-200-500 100-200-500-1000-2000-50000 500-1000-2000-5000
Hitri Batch Control Water Meter
Hitri Batch Control Water Meter
Hitri Batch Control Water Meter
Hitri Batch Control Water Meter
Selecting the proper size of meter
For selecting the proper size should follow the table with maximum flow rate
(Q) in m3/h and the maximum daily delivery (E) in m3 as :
Hitri Batch Control Water Meter
For maximum service life should follow:
Hitri Batch Control Water Meter

For keeping the accuracy, the flow rate (Q) should be not less than Qt. The flow rate is easily calculate by the water was collected in a calibration tank for a measured period of time. For example, 15 liters are collected in 30 seconds, the flow rate will be: 3600/30×15=1800l/h.

For selecting the dial reading, the maximum dial reading should always exceed the highest expected batch volume.